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Subscription Management is the process of managing subscribers and their subscriptions across their life cycle.
Unicorn 11 Subscription Billing product provides solution to generic subscription billing requirements. This subscription billing solution can be used by any vendor/partner who is interested in billing/invoicing their subscribers having subscription based scenario. Using this solution, a partner can on board itself and register its end subscribers. Based on a subscriber's billing cycle, an invoice will be generated considering associated products and its charges, taxes, adjustments, penalties, discounts etc. In short, this product provides a simple way to manage subscriptions and customers.

Subscription billing solution basically comprises of Partner's journey, Product Catalog Management and Subscriber's journey.
Partner's journey starts with signing-up via email/social media and creating company profile by specifying company's name, address, contact details etc. After company profile setup, the partner can carry out various activities like User Management, Master-data Configuration, Product Configuration, Customer Management, Invoicing the subscriber and Email communication etc.
Product Catalog Management involves configuration of various offerings, associated charges, applicable taxes and discounts.
Subscriber's journey begins with registration into the system. Once any offering is allocated to the subscriber, its Billing Process gets activated. Thereafter the subscriber receives an invoice for the subscription as per billing frequency and makes payment against invoice outstanding.

Partner Portal

This portal is intended to be used by individual partners. Using this portal, a partner can manage company's profile, master data, configure products, discounts and taxes, manage its own users, manage customers, payments, adjustments, reports etc. Products can be configured as subscription and non subscription types.
Please follow Partner Portal to view details.

Self Care Portal

This portal shall be used by customers/subscribers of the partner. In self-care portal customers/subscribers will be able to view their basic details, past invoices, past payments, make online payment etc.
Please follow Self Care Portal to view details.

Admin Portal

This is an administrative portal solely to be used by Usha Martin Technologies. The very purpose of this portal is to configure master data which would be common and available across partners like supported countries, payment gateways, currencies etc.
Please follow Admin Portal to view details.

Billing Process

Billing Process comprises of Bill-Generation, Bill-Posting and Charging the end users/subscribers for their subscriptions.
Please follow Billing Process to view details.